Lights mod

– New light flare effect
– New headlights effect for all trucks low/high beam
– All AI lights now visible at night at long distance
– AI traffic can be heard in cabin engines/horns etc
– New rain effect on windsheald (from 5000 up to 40000 per square meter)
– Two mods to choose ( with normal halogen flare effect, and with xenon flare effect (it’s NOT blue it’s xenon))

Authors: Dallyborr, Samson


26 Responses to Lights mod

  1. ------------------ says:

    Fehlerhaftes Mod. Ampeln fehlerhaft: Bei grün der Punkt zu sehen. Gelb ist nicht erkennbar. Mod sollte nochmal überarbeitet werden.

  2. raul says:

    you mod limit speed 90km/h please no limit

  3. Reece says:

    Looks nice, why do people want to speed limiter removed?

    Part of the game hint…. Simulator come on guys!

  4. Donse says:

    i have edited this mod i have change speed limit from 90km/h to 120km/h there is link

    • agis says:

      well dude it works fine. thanks

      • agis says:

        Problem…With your tweaked speed limit mod if you use extended map (like i do covering Greece-Albania-Spain-Portugal- North Africa) the map is not shrinkig or cannot show the extended aries. I cut your mods and the map works fine again… my next trial will be with the original light mod with the speed limit. and i will infor you

        • agis says:

          Yeap the same problem and here!!!

          I use the TSM map 4.X mod and when i add the above mod the map exposing only the regural areas cannot see or take jobs for TSM map….ok i will try to modify the mod anyway

          • agis says:

            ok i checked definitions on your mod and i think i found the problem. It uses the main map as definition. Can be done to work this fine mod on any TSM map (like TSM 3.5 map or newest TSM 4.x map)


          • SIMOS says:

            i use tsm 4x please say me the problem to fix it….thanks

  5. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Great mod, amd i don’t have to pay if some of us is hard or wreckless driving, gnagna,



  6. omfgomfg says:

    Guys, which mod fixes AI speeds? Its pain going 60 on a highway!

  7. kibirs says:

    Zjbs grazus modas bet padidinkit greiti bent jau iki 150km/h kad nebutu to speed limit , dekui. 120km/h kiek mazoka 😉

  8. Santa says:

    The speed limiter is contained in the def/gamedata.sii file.
    The line is truck_speed_limit .
    If this line is not there at all, speedlimit WILL be 90 km/h. Tiring to find this line omitted in every other mod.

  9. kibirs says:

    Make no speed limit MOD for this…. =/

  10. jesper says:

    …looks great…but…is there some way to remove the sound of car passing…think it´s a bit loud..

  11. Tim says:

    are the AI lights supposed to be always on?

  12. Tim says:

    all the day AI lights are on, and at ca. 5 pm they turn it off.
    can you fix it?

    • Mitch says:

      I can fix it. It’s all set up in the files for ai traffic. Buttttt— this stupid mod doesn’t work for me. I can see only 4 stripes ahead in the night– with or without the dumb mod. I’m working on it myself, since “genius” does not exist in the context of game mods anymore. For goodness sake, going at 120kph (unless you’re indian) at night and seeing 4 stripes ahead is assy and not realism. (We blame scs primarily. It gives them scope for “patches” and improvements).

  13. Giorgos says:

    “your” rain makes the game heavier and almost impossible to drive backwards using the mirrors. in fact I can barely see the mirrors with all that water on the side window. seems very unrealistic to me. thanks nevertheless

    • Mitch says:

      I agree. Just adjust the the mod using a hex editor until you get the desired effect. That’s what I did. If you need help, email me at [email protected]

  14. Leo says:

    your mod limit speed 120km/h please no limit

  15. Daniel says:

    Mod is perfect as for the speed limit there is no limit if you have a no speed limit mod, make sure to put a few “zzz” so the mod loads last also your truck might need extra gears to get top speed so get the truck transmissions mod it has 21 gears with this you can reach 250km/h +

  16. Jake88 says:

    How does this affect performance?

  17. Sten231 says:

    hey, i have problems with some mods where i need sii file extensions for. do anyone know a good site

  18. Hyperion says:

    Not working anymore, crashes the game

  19. raiphan says:


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