Living cities 2.1 v1.42x – v1.43x

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This mod enlivens 2 cities of Praha and Brno
Added – Pedestrians , Animals , Cyclists , People at bus stops and benches !!!

Changes in 1.1
The third city of Bratislava has been added

Changes in 1.2
The fourth city Wien (Vienna) has been added
The file size has been reduced

Changes in 1.3
Added the fifth city of Banska Bystrica (Banska Bystrica )

Changes in 1.4
Added the sixth city Budapest ( Budapest )

Changes in 1.5
The mod now works both alone and in convoy mode, but only on the standard map

Changes in 1.6
Added the seventh city of Ostrava ( Ostrava )
Reduced file size

Changes in 1.7
The eighth city of Katowice ( Katowice ) was added

Changes in 1.8
Redesigned the mod in all previous cities.
Added more pedestrians as well as equipment in parking lots, service stations and bases.
Also added three more cities Kosice ( Kosice ) , Krakow ( Krakow ) and Wroclaw ( Wroclaw )

Changes in 1.9
Added another 12th city of Debrecen (Debrecen)

Changes in 2.0
Added 3 more cities (Lodz) Lodz, (Lublin) Lublin and (Warsaw) Warszawa
Now 15 cities are alive

Changes in 2.1
Added 3 more cities ( Bialystok ) Bialystok , ( Olsztyn ) Olsztyn and ( Poznan ) Poznan

Have a nice game to everyone !!!


DOWNLOAD 387 MB [mirror]

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    Super game

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