Long Awaited Trailer from Legendary Truckers

Long-Awaited-Trailer-1 Long-Awaited-Trailer-2 Long-Awaited-Trailer-3

I represent to your attention the long-awaited trailer from legendary Truckers in the archive, their 7 pieces, refrigerated, tank, tent, prefab, the only negative – they don’t go on the game version 1.22, that is sharpened by 1.10 – 1.14, but I’m sure knowledgeable people will correct the problem and will drive them to a more modern version of the game

Author: Nick GTA SA


4 thoughts on “Long Awaited Trailer from Legendary Truckers

  1. Авторы: Никон, Анатолий Флоерар.

  2. youre saying they dont work on the newest version of the game?

    1. Yes

  3. Not work on 1.22

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