Low Chassis For All Truck / 1.34

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low chassis for all truck scs
*update for 1.34 s
new Changes :
+low chassis for Bogie chassis – new update steam
+low chassis scania RJL
+low chassis scania 50keda
+low chassis scs truck
+low chassis scania s730
for 4×2 6×2 8×4 and ….. chassis
tnx for all



12 thoughts on “Low Chassis For All Truck / 1.34

  1. Great…Using pictures from user “zippe” for your own (fake) mod without giving credits.

  2. truckfan76


  3. crash

  4. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.34…


  5. hello
    problem to solve with SCANIA AND DAF .. if you select one of these trucks the game crashes
    game stop
    game lose :-((
    iveco ok
    mercedes ok
    volvo ok
    man ok

    Scania Daf non working

  6. 6×4????

  7. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Look’s like normal.

  8. Thanks for using one of my Flickr pictures to present your mod, are you to st…. id to use a screenshot done by yourself? Here is my original link https://flic.kr/p/2dVi1Es

  9. Works with volvo by eugene?

  10. Image and Mod stolen from a old Thief with a new Account.
    And some Video Maker are making Videos to make Money… 🙁

    So it´s wonderful, what SCS announced on their Blog. YEAH

    1. Eu Driver

      Please, DONT blame people!! Dont write this **** words!!! SCS talk-steam the rewards are protected!! Not normal mods, KID!! Dont lie here YES?? !!

  11. Gordon Gekko

    The files are from 2016…
    Do not load this mod. It doesn`t work

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