Low Chassis For All Truck v1.3

All Truck (Scania Stramline Not İncluded) Sory :/
All Chassis (4×2 , 6×2 , 6×4)



24 thoughts on “Low Chassis For All Truck v1.3

  1. MartinR560

    Awesome mod! I was missing this a lot! Best low chassis mod ever made, I think 🙂 I´m so thankful for this update 🙂 🙂 Just missing the Scania Streamline low chassis :/ I like Scanias.

    1. Thank you ! I am working on it Scania Streamline 🙂

      1. Karel Havlicek

        Please Scania Streamline.
        Thanx man.
        I use just scs truck.
        There are very few modes SCS truck.

  2. rechberger

    Works on RJL ??

    1. No 🙁

  3. skyfighter

    get low no matter how !thanks mate
    and are you turkish?

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yes I’m Turkish

      1. skyfighter

        selam yigit abi,ben azcik turkce biliyourom.modu indirdim,once iveco sectim,hic problem yokdu ta ki dafa gectim,abi truck her yere takildi,yolon ortasinda truck 2metre hava ya gidiyor

        1. Garaja ışınlan sorun devam ederse tekrar bana ulaş. Teşekkürler 🙂

          1. skyfighter

            “garaja ışınlan” ne demek abi?

  4. My scania headlights turn pink, can you fix this sir?

    1. I know but I can’t fix . I’m working on it. Sorry

  5. skyfighter

    “garaja ışınlan” ne demek abi?

    1. Herhangi bir şirket garajına ” garaja git ” diye gidebiliyorsun. Şirket bölümünde yada F7 yapıp tamirhaneye git

  6. Bitte macht dem Mod noch für Scania RJL Bitte :))

  7. Darsirious


  8. New link?

  9. working in 1.27?

  10. link quebrado , por favor concertar

  11. hocam lınk olmus galıba yenılermısın rıca etsem tesekkurler

  12. download link broken

  13. Damyen085

    not download

  14. Hey man!
    We want this mod again please upload link bro

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