Lowdeck Addon for MADster’s MAN TGS E6 by Sogard3

Small fueltanks.
Fenders without mudflap.
Lowered chassis.
You need this mod:

Correct order in mod manager:
Lowdeck Addon for MADster’s MAN TGS E6 by Sogard3
MAN TGS Euro6 v1.1

MADster, SCSSoftware, CobraBlue6, LucasT95, Sogard3


6 thoughts on “Lowdeck Addon for MADster’s MAN TGS E6 by Sogard3

  1. der Türko

    Thank you for this mod, can you make a mod like this for MADster’s TGX E6 ?

    1. There is already done by LucasT95, search it on Internet but you need 3 mods because without them is crashing, this is the correct order:
      MADster’s TGX E6 lowdeck addon
      MAN TGX Euro6 v1.9
      MAN TGX Euro6 v1.8
      I hope it works for you!
      MADster is going to release v2.0 soon, maybe with lowdeck to.

  2. Nice ! Please Man tgx e5 low deck ! 🙂 Good Joh

  3. Does not work 1.30

  4. Sorry for missing fenders, here is the new file for this mod:

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