Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v 0.9.4 BETA

Lux-Accessories-1 Lux-Accessories-2


This is Accessories Pack created by me for SCANIA R&S by RJL version

V 0.9.4:
+ Rework healights Chrome & Black Series (now have light ring)
+ Add Grill Lux v2 for 6 series
+ Add Grid Lux v2 & Grid v3 for 6°series
+ Add Chrome griffin frame to Intake for grills
+ Add Engine DC16 Tuned with 800hp (have dedicated engine badge)

Credits: Sn00ky89, 50keda, GTMike, RJL, SCS

A Special Thanks to Afrosmiu for the help and support on the project ?

Special Thanks to ReDevil for help to Addon hookup ?

Please do not reuplod and respect my hard work, Thanks ?

Have you fun!!! SN00KY89

If you use the P8 Lightpack , give the highest priority to the Lux Accessories

Authors: Sn00ky89, 50 Keda, GTMike, RJL, SCS


15 thoughts on “Lux Accessories for Scania RJL v 0.9.4 BETA

  1. Some of your modifications does not work.
    Can you fix this? I realy like your mod.

    1. Hello , you can list the accessories that do not work on you?

      1. tintin-le-routier

        where do you find the round light on the bar ? it’s in this mod ??
        sorry for my english i’m french

  2. Gamer_Kate

    I just LOVE this mod of yours! Makes my trucks look really cool and very fitting to my Company name, Pimp my Truck Inc.
    Keep up the good Work! ;D

  3. I use this mode from earlier stage , always when go to service after the truck is bought will crush the game. Any ideas? Thanks.

  4. i really love your mod any chance that you could do the assassories for the 6×4 chassis like the one that you did for the 4×2 the cool looking back cover but this time for the 6×4


  5. leroutier

    please put your mod on steam map

  6. leroutier

    please put your mod on steam workshop

  7. Ciao Snooky!Can you make real Scania mirrors?

  8. Ciao Sn00ky89
    + tardi provo questa versione

  9. Quent1_Fr

    Please add this for Scania Torpedo

  10. JennyV8Girl

    Hello, really really good mod i don’t see the P8 accessories, i have the highest priority for you’re mod but the p8 light have a White square and when i click on the light but nothing appears … Sorry for my bad english i’m French 🙁
    thank you in advance for your help !!!!

    1. Very good mod, congratulation!

      I have the same problem.

      Is it possible to make P8 light whit a compatibility?

      I’m French too, lol 😉

  11. Денис

    Sn00kY89 ваш мод очень мне нравиться, но всё что вы до бавили в последней версии от 50к ни чего не стоавиться на трак и ещё под какую версию вы его собираете, у меня 1.23

  12. great mod! does any one have a link to the light accessories as mine doesnt work within the mod so i was wondering if theres another to go with the mod


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