Mods features:
1 Cabin
1 Chassis tandem
10 engines
4 trasmissions
Own sound
Added 2 more steering wheels(Standard 2019/Exclusive and Standard 2007)
Sisl’s mega pack and dlc accessories support
Windows animation support
Trailer cable support
2 Trailers recovered(Dolly trailer and 3-axle tandem trailer)
SCS license plate

V1.27 fully Adapted to 1.46
Added windows animation
Interior updated
Added trailer cable (truck and trailers)
Added SCS license plate
Fixed lights
Fixed wipers not cleaning

Etophia,OveRTRucK, JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishan’ka, _69_mf_, Phantom94, vovangt4,Kriechbaum


5 thoughts on “M.A.N TGS-l

  1. tutomu kimura

    stop, it is stolen mods from RTA team.
    Do not download them as free copies, people.

    1. More like got leaked..RTA had removed it from his store precisely because someone leaked it ages ago.So it is none his business anymore

    2. I want to remind you that RTA has no right to sell mods with SCS files
      It is strictly forbidden.

      1. tutomu kimura


        1. Hes right. Thats why you react so hostile.

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