Macedonian Interior Addons for SiSL’s Mega Pack feat. Star Wars DLC 2.4 by Red Dragon

macedonian-interior-3 macedonian-interior-2 macedonian-interior-1

Mod specially created for Macedonian drivers and all those who love,
like or support Macedonia. From now on you can add Macedonian
flags,passport, pendants,cups, beer and more … into your cabin.

If you like the addons, feel free to visit my facebook page , leave a comment, and if you
like more addons click the LIKE button ?

Author of the full mod _ SiSL Modder : Red Dragon


16 thoughts on “Macedonian Interior Addons for SiSL’s Mega Pack feat. Star Wars DLC 2.4 by Red Dragon

  1. There is a small mistake in the mod has done.It would be better to put the name Pepublic of Makedonia,or former Yugoslav Replublic of Makedonia.

  2. NO Macedonian BUT Skopje .
    Macedonian is GREECE

    1. Μπραβο παληκαρι μου,αντε γιατι πολυ χαλαρα το πηραν το θεμα μερικοι,και βγαζουν οτι θελουν μετα.

      1. LoxagosTv

        Πολύ αέρα μου φάνηκε πήραν τα σκοπιανόπαιδα μπροστά σε ένα πληκτρολόγιο..Όταν έρχονται όμως εδώ σα βρεγμένες γάτες είναι οι κουραδόμαγκες..

  3. its not Macedonian its F.Y.R.O.M. and a question: Don`t you people get tired of STEALING the history of others?

  4. RedDragonMK

    I was expecting your s*itty greek comments … you can cry as long as you want 😉 МАКЕДОНИЈА НА МАКЕДОНЦИТЕ !!!

  5. LoxagosTv

    Its F.Y.R.O.M. Addons, NOT Macedonian..If you don’t have your own history dont steal the history of other country..Thanks

  6. We+cry??????.We+are+Macedonians,and+we+do+not+expect+anyone+to+us+recognition.We+just+will+wait+to+see+when+and+who+will+recognize+you+as+Macedonians,if+ever+done+this+course+after+1000+years.and+come+on+after+you+tell+us+who+would+cry.

  7. Greek donkey’s 😀

    1. Ελληνικα γαιδουρακια ειμαστε,αλλα παμε με 5 ποδια κατα φαντασια Μακεδονα

  8. Hey sh**t for brains as long the greek goverment will not recognize your a** hole country as Makedonia you will never be one. Your are Bulgarians ….deal with it

  9. hristakis

    mace e БЪЛГАРСКА.

  10. Perica MK


  11. RusoPontios

    Macedonia is a region in Greece.


    I think better is <>

  13. MakedonianMan

    Cry Gayreeks Cry heheheheheh mmwa

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