Macedonian Interior Addons for SiSL’s Mega Pack feat. Star Wars DLC 2.4 by Red Dragon

macedonian-interior-3 macedonian-interior-2 macedonian-interior-1

Mod specially created for Macedonian drivers and all those who love,
like or support Macedonia. From now on you can add Macedonian
flags,passport, pendants,cups, beer and more … into your cabin.

If you like the addons, feel free to visit my facebook page , leave a comment, and if you
like more addons click the LIKE button ?

Author of the full mod _ SiSL Modder : Red Dragon


15 Responses to Macedonian Interior Addons for SiSL’s Mega Pack feat. Star Wars DLC 2.4 by Red Dragon

  1. VABIS R8 says:

    There is a small mistake in the mod has done.It would be better to put the name Pepublic of Makedonia,or former Yugoslav Replublic of Makedonia.

  2. Hellas says:

    NO Macedonian BUT Skopje .
    Macedonian is GREECE

    • VABIS R8 says:

      Μπραβο παληκαρι μου,αντε γιατι πολυ χαλαρα το πηραν το θεμα μερικοι,και βγαζουν οτι θελουν μετα.

      • LoxagosTv says:

        Πολύ αέρα μου φάνηκε πήραν τα σκοπιανόπαιδα μπροστά σε ένα πληκτρολόγιο..Όταν έρχονται όμως εδώ σα βρεγμένες γάτες είναι οι κουραδόμαγκες..

  3. vkavlas says:

    its not Macedonian its F.Y.R.O.M. and a question: Don`t you people get tired of STEALING the history of others?

  4. RedDragonMK says:

    I was expecting your s*itty greek comments … you can cry as long as you want 😉 МАКЕДОНИЈА НА МАКЕДОНЦИТЕ !!!

  5. LoxagosTv says:

    Its F.Y.R.O.M. Addons, NOT Macedonian..If you don’t have your own history dont steal the history of other country..Thanks

  6. VABIS R8 says:


  7. Borce_86 says:

    Greek donkey’s 😀

    • VABIS R8 says:

      Ελληνικα γαιδουρακια ειμαστε,αλλα παμε με 5 ποδια κατα φαντασια Μακεδονα

  8. Zeros says:

    Hey sh**t for brains as long the greek goverment will not recognize your a** hole country as Makedonia you will never be one. Your are Bulgarians ….deal with it

  9. hristakis says:

    mace e БЪЛГАРСКА.

  10. Perica MK says:


  11. RusoPontios says:

    Macedonia is a region in Greece.


    I think better is <>

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