Maersk Trailers v 1.0

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This Mod Contains 3 variants of Maersk Trailers
1. Maersk
2. Maersk Line
3. Maersk Sealand

Mod tested and work perfectly on ETS2 v1.30

Download the 3 variants in one mod
or for seperate downloads, follow the links

1. Maersk -:
2. Maersk Line -:
3. Maersk Sealand -:

Credit -:
NC Jnr

NC Jnr


2 thoughts on “Maersk Trailers v 1.0

  1. Link page not found!

    1. SheerSquirrelTV

      You need to use the separate download links in this case. I downloaded them all separately and they worked perfectly. It’s unfortunate that the author cannot use download links properly. But otherwise it’s a great mod.

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