1 country – Morocco
6 cities – Port Tanger-Med, Tangier, Laroche, Tetouan, Kénitra, Ksar El kebir
Roads A5, A4, N2, N1, N16, R416, R410
Own companies
Own police
Authentic models (prefabs, signs, etc.)
Own traffic
It is necessary to have all DLC maps
For version 1.41.x

MSG, Dark_Blanc, Edge


5 thoughts on “MAGHREB MAP V0.1

  1. Video?
    Is it compatible with SCS?
    In a few days version 1.42 will be released.

  2. Beautiful Video Review

  3. Fouad Ahmed

    Is it a standalone map or it can be used with other maps mods including Promods?

  4. I just tried this map, and it looks beautiful. But there is an absolutely important issue, it lacks optimization. I went from Algeciras to the port area of this mod, and it is intolerable to be able to play well. I had drops to the point of playing with 10 to 15 fps. In all the rest of the map I do not have these serious problems, not even with the maps of Terra, which are extremely detailed. I think most players don’t have (and less so in these days..) powerful graphics like a 3090.

  5. update to 1.43 ?

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