Malcom Volvo FH skin




8 thoughts on “Malcom Volvo FH skin

  1. its apear globetrotter for me not malcolm, any sugestions

    1. JimmyJoJr

      The uploader won’t be able to help you since he didn’t make it.

    2. you need the new update that is on steam as a beta

      1. I have the problem too with globetrotter. You meant an steam-beta-updater? What’s my wrong? I have today’s atually version 1.7.1. Which saving format it must have for the changed Globetrotter-sign?

        Nice work!

  2. Looks good guy 🙂 Keep it up!

  3. Are you really trying to take credit from InsaneJericho? Lol.

  4. another credit to christopher j. klavins

  5. InsaneJericho

    For those having issues.

    Currently the skinable lightbox is only available on the Steam version of the game by joining the Public_beta option. It was introduced in

    The current beta is version

    For those of you who are not on Steam, it should be included in version 1.8 that includes the Scania Streamline and (hopefully) be released later this week.

    If you are on the correct version, you need to go into the update shop and buy the Malcolm lightbox to include it on your truck.

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