MAN Carribean Cruise Skin

Carribean-Cruise-1 Carribean-Cruise-2 Carribean-Cruise-3

Paintjob Skin For MAN XL & XXL
Standalone. HD 4K texture (best in Scale 400%)
Under license Banter Logistik

Author: xskrtzx

DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Blogspot]

18 thoughts on “MAN Carribean Cruise Skin

  1. Karina-Moskva

    Nice ! Thank you.

    1. you’re welcome

      1. Karina-Moskva

        i like to HD and DHD skins ! Cool.

  2. WOW,awesome skin!! very beautifull,the man looks great with that skin,please could you make it for the madster euro 6 too?,thanks for sharing and greetings from austria

    1. what kind man euro 6 you’ve use?

  3. I use this version of madsters man tgx euro 6 ,would be great if I could use your wonderfull skin on this truck,thx

      1. don’t worry it same. calm down, drink some coffe and keep watching this site. I will make caribbean cruise skin v2 for man 6. wait a time

        1. oh fine !! thank you very much!!

      1. thank you very much!!

  4. OHL exist no more and is buyed by french Geodis, such a info. 😉

    1. thanks for share it. Good info guys… :cheers:

    2. Where you got this Info, Steini?

      Look here please:

      “Wir sind Mitglied des Dänischen Spediteurverbandes…”

      Bevor ich etwas erstelle, werden Infos eingeholt.

  5. friend what you have hidden in the mod?
    I wanted to learn how to create the skins!

    1. Hi guys, inside of the mods is same like others skin mod. I’ve been locked for the original design. But Maybe some time I’ill make some guide tutor for making skinmod design if you want it. Visit my blog you’re welcome friend 🙂

      1. ok take lessons from you master (but I do not block the mods)
        very kind of you, Thanks

  6. turboiron

    fake 100%.

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