MAN E6 Shell Combo Pack

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Beautiful truck MAN E6 SHELL + trailer.

Your interior
Your tuning
DLC Cabin Accessories
DLC National Flag
Your skins
Version of the game: 1.27-1.28



4 thoughts on “MAN E6 Shell Combo Pack

  1. 1-why did you write !!!!!! Please Respect original download link !!!!!! ?
    2-did you respect the link of the original authors of these mods?
    3- for 2 skins (copied and copied 1000 times) you’ve uploaded the full mods of other authors.
    4-in description why did you just write your name? And no authors’ names?
    5- How Should I Define an Intelligent? smart? Or a Thief? please let me know
    6- This mode is to be removed

  2. Full HD Test Video Cabin + Flag DLC –

  3. Full HD Complete test video cabin + flag DLC –

  4. Remove this link immediately as it violates MADster’s copyrights.

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