MAN Euro 6 MADster Efficient Line Skin

Efficient-Line-1 Efficient-Line-2

Efficient Line Skin for MAN Euro 6 MADster Truck

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Author: Stewart Grant


7 thoughts on “MAN Euro 6 MADster Efficient Line Skin

  1. Are the plastic parts shiny or mat?

    1. Elitesquad Modz

      No they are part of MADster’s MAN TGX Euro 6 V3 @Lanker!

  2. Mister Bird

    this is wrong kinda, caus on the TGX euro 6 theres already efficient line 2

  3. Why is this sie full if idi ots?
    Look at the RL photo and look at what you did!!!
    Retarded a..holes.

    1. ScaniaFan89

      It’s adding the livery to the truck as the truck mod doesn’t come with it!

      You take the man tgx euro 6 & the efficient line livery mods, put the skin on in paint shop & get the above!

  4. Madsters man new update use this

  5. green efficient line please!

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