MAN F2000 19.604 v 1.0.4

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– MAN F2000 in MAN Shop
– ready for Cable Simulation
– Cabin XXL without spoiler ( + Flags DLC ready + Convoi Shield + R_Grill)
– 2x Chassi 8×4
– with Advanced Trailer Coupling (8×4/4×2/6×2/6×4 Chassi)
– Template for Skinners
– Ulferts Skin
– Bumper change ( Plastik, Color)
– Tower Slots for tuning
– delete some warnings

Author: Roadhunter, XBS for Rack

Visit (when you need some Heavy Trailer)
my page
new Sound for MAN F2000
Download link
MAN F2000 19.414

* Standalone truck
* 3 cabin different
* 6 chassis different
* Own interior
* Compatibility with Cabin Accessories DLC
* Compatibility with Mod Manager

New improvements in update:

* Updated for version 1.27
* Added two more chassis
* Added some outsider accessories
* Added some interiors accessories
* Compatible with seat settings
* Fixed the errors of the interior animations
* Added two-speed wipers
* Added truck browser
* Added more colors different to the paints
* Fixed wheels
* Updated internal files
* Deleted unnecessary files

Author: Weeda 88, vovangt4, ETS2Reload,

Roadhunter, Weeda 88, vovangt4, ETS2Reload, XBS


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10 Responses to MAN F2000 19.604 v 1.0.4

  1. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test 1.31

  2. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.31…

  3. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video…

  4. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.31…

  5. fine says:

    Remove from the mod, details made by XBS.
    Who does not have the author’s permission is considered a thief.

  6. FoxOnTheBox says:

    HD Video tested on 1.31

  7. Calliandr says:

    Отсутствует передний бампер при работе на дядю в начале,дворники снаружи не работают,приборная панель с рулём сильно засвечена, значков не видно на приборной панели.
    Хороший внешний вид.
    Хороший звук.
    Хорошая посадка водителя в салоне.
    PS:Салон, в частности приборную панель ,нужно срочно дорабатывать и дворники доделать.

  8. fullxpert says:

    Гавно-Мод!!!Одни минусы ,чем плюсы!)Зачем фуфел в масы толкать не понимаю…

  9. darkexplorer64 says:

    Excellent truck, HD Test 1.31:

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