MAN F2000 + Interior v2


MAN F2000 v.2

Not replace. independent Model
Buy online or at large dealers MAN
Three types of cabins: XL, XLX and XXL
Three types of chassis: 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4-4
Different types of engines and transimisiones (MAN TGX)
Internal GPS itself (not including English version)
It can be painted in different colors
MAN’s own wheels includes F2000

Tested in version: 1.7.0

Original Author: Chech
Author Modification v.2: Indomable

Chech, Indomable


11 thoughts on “MAN F2000 + Interior v2

  1. hello, i would normaly test it myself, but i,m not on my own computer so ill just ask,

    never shooting is always missed right?

    anyway, do u think it would also work on 1.4.12?

    greetings from holland

  2. it would be better if you add second fuel tank.

  3. Scaniadriver

    good work man – well lets try it out 🙂

  4. Mikeedude

    Nice truck and model.
    Problems include an extra steering wheel when viewed in the workshop,thankfully doesn’t appear when being driven.
    It has no accessories at all apart from engines and wheels.
    And the interior is a bit low res,not horrendously bad but could be better.
    Thanks for sharing


  6. Please add option to add front camera


  7. Why it doesn’t work on 1.4.x ;/ I really want it on 1.4.x but #### it doesn’t.

    please paste thes video

  9. george frost...

    make it into a erf ecs please!!??

  10. Matetrucker

    Very nice work !
    Respect !! Man F2000 is the best !

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