MAN F2000 + Krone Trailer


– Old, but still powerful Truck
– Truck + Trailer + Interior + Sound
– Truck replaces Man TGX
– Trailer replaces Krone Cooliner

Tested with 1.8 version and TSM Map

Authors: dima1, CommandieR, СерёгаRUS, Boyka


8 thoughts on “MAN F2000 + Krone Trailer

  1. MrGermanTruck

    does not work. About Guess your uploads, as many of you do not go

  2. Yeah , doesn’t work , too bad , it looked nice.

  3. This is no MAN ist an Volvo FH -.-

  4. Not working on version 1.9.22s

    1. “Tested with 1.8 version and TSM Map”

  5. Video please?

  6. please repaier the mod…to run on 1.9.22

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