MAN F2000 v 2.0


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Please read this otherwhise it won´t work !!!!!!!!!!!!

what i have done:
– overhauled the fps problem
– deleted fix parts on cabin and chassi
– now it is standalone
– added tuningpoints for individual tuning
– added tuningparts ( more work is planed )
– added template for vimles and “schmutzlappen” so you can make
skin by your own ( dds for the jacket of the truckdriver can be found
in vehicle/truck/m_f2000/ )
– changed last 2 motors, now there is an original R6 and V10

what i will do:
– add more tuningparts (wishes with link in the comments below)
– add badges for doors
– add template for cabin and chassi(sideskirt)
– add 6×2 and 6×4 sidekirts
– adjustments of some tuning parts
– add a xlx and xl interior view
– shadow improvments (oder wie das heißt)

what u have to whatch at :
– tuning mods are optional, but

zzzzzzzzAddon_hookups, front mudflap pack,
zzzTC_Mega_Mod_V7.5.1_modifié_by_StAfFordShIrE, 50k_addons and
zLightsByDallybor&50k are highly recommended,

– otherwhise the game show no light tuning or the game
crashes at all MAN truckdealers
– if you still have megamod by tasos978, you don´t have to
extract it. think higher versions of his mod are also compatible
– don´t wright this truck in the truck_traffic_storage.sii,
this will drop fps rapidly
– don´t activate physics.scs if you are playing the game on
version or below otherwise the game crashes
– there is a tuningpoint called rear_parts behind the truck, it
was a test for next update
– original backlights must buyed over sideskirts, because they
are in conflict with V10 sideskirt, so i have must remove it from
truck base
– the sound mod is in conflict with all scania 143 sounds, you
have to deactivate it before starting game
– if you find some bugs, please describe the problem, I dont
know what you want from me if you are wrighting “there are a lot of

Extract recommended/optional scs files from megamod.rar and all scs
files into ETS2 mod folder and don’t forget to activate

At last respect to all modders that have made this awesome stuff.

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Credits: Chech, Indomable (truck)
Dallybor and 50keda (tuning)
StAfFordShIrE (tuning)
tasos978 (megamod)
Volidas (sound)
Kriechbaum (sound)
Mrtheflashback (sound)
SCS (sound,tuning)


27 thoughts on “MAN F2000 v 2.0

  1. Nice to update it.

    But I am sorry to tell you that your truck gives too many restrictions to play the game …so many things to avoid crashes…

    I will download an other version of MAN F2000 which will be less restricted for playing and to avoid game crashes.

    Anyway thanks for your efforts !

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      okay first thanks for your words.
      but i have one question to you why is it so hard, if you are not sure wich are the recomendebles, to copy all given stuff an activate it ???
      by the way i fix it only for you ^^

    1. why do you always post privat videos

      1. Not private !!

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      my opinion xD

  2. MetalcoreTrucker91
  3. change link please ?

  4. Please remove driver from cab. Or at least please add version with doubt one. Other than that, keep up good work.

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      i removed driver but there is no driver in cabin because the distance between steering wheel and seat is to big for original driver, if he is sitting inside he sit in the air while he grab the steering wheel, dont know if you can edit original driver, the ugly second steering wheel is also removed

  5. Hey what do you think about adding bdf to this MAN F2000 ? 🙂

  6. MetalcoreTrucker91

    I remove the driver. i hate this too, but the other things had priority to me. Next update driver is gone. Uhm bdf im not a fan of bdf but i can try it.

  7. It would be awesome fo fit the BDF chassis to MTP Tandem mod 🙂

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      this will need much time, at first i try a “meiller kipper”

      1. Okay 🙂 When I can expect the next update? 🙂

  8. MetalcoreTrucker91

    i dont know yet. i can say when i start working on bdf, i hope you dont mean “M”ultiple”T”railer”P”oints, because it is impossible. now i have to do some adjustments, shadow fixes and all those detail things -_-

    hope iam done with it in the next 2 days ^^

  9. No no I meant MTP is Moder Team Poland which had made Tandem Mod 🙂 I can wait for BDF but not so long for next update of MAN 😀

  10. MetalcoreTrucker91

    okay ^^ i hope i can bring next update on the weekend. iam almost done only shadows and badges are left ^^

  11. Okay that’s sounds great 🙂

  12. Thumbs up!

  13. sevrel times i have tried to download this truck, the download takes forever when any other mod that is the same size downloads in seconds. can you not make a more realible download link? mediafire or something

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      u have luck that i didn´t uploaded the new version today. i find a better hoster

      1. When you upload? Want to do some driving.

  14. MetalcoreTrucker91

    this night i start the upload. hope its done tommorow.

    1. MetalcoreTrucker91

      need one more day. it had extremlly problems to upload the mod

  15. Is there an template?

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