MAN F90 Reworked v 4.01 [1.30.x]

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MAN-F90 Reworked v4.01 Updates
For versions of the game 1.28.x – 1.30.xx

– updated on 1.28.x – 1.30.xx
– 3 Interiors (1 with original MAN textures and 1 luxery)
– 3 engines added (360 hp, 460 hp and 500 hp)
– 2 16 speed gearboxes
– 1 long 6×4 Chassis added
– Mercedes NG wheels added
– Cab-DLC added
– Flag DLC added
– textures in luxery cab corrected

ATTENTION: This mod must have a higher load priority than all part mods.
The gearbox_layout_doubleh.sii should be copy to the profile with the MAN F90, so you got a double-H layout for the Logitech G27.

Authors: SCS, Voditel102rus, Kirill Mladshev, stass556, Madster, by_Lexa, Vlad5236, Truckercharly


10 thoughts on “MAN F90 Reworked v 4.01 [1.30.x]

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.30…

  2. RudeTrucker

    Thank you! But PLEASE – make this ###### “chrome” pipes removable.

  3. Yes, great mod and only the highpipes are a break in style. But otherwise great mod. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Eine großartige Arbeit schönes Design der Farben der Konturen
    alles Funktioniert auch wenn das interior nicht so ganz Original ist und meinen Geschmack nicht drifft ist eine Top Leistung
    MFG zuputo

  5. Very good work. Thanks

  6. ChrisMaximus

    ETS2 v1.30 I Mod – Test ★ MAN F90 Reworked v4.01

  7. Very nice mod. There are a few things I would change btw. For instance, the front lights have bad textures (they are plain white when ON) and the highpipes do not match the style of the truck in my opinion. I really liked the sound though, so realistic. Keep up the good work, man 🙂

  8. fullxpert

    Мод-просто кошмар на крыльях ночи!!!А Вы ютуберы,хотя бы в лог игры заглядывали прежде чем тестить мод,ни одни ютубер не открыл лог игры и не посмотрел как там обстоят дела.

  9. Brian Yau

    The speed on the speed meter is not correct?

  10. Clemens Höft

    Can you give a template please

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