MAN interior lights


Author: joggi


13 Responses to MAN interior lights

  1. torben says:

    does it work on all trucks or only man

  2. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Only works on MAN

    • Benny BB says:

      How do i ”turn” them on. i got the mod but they dont appear :S

  3. martinpb7 says:

    does not work

  4. SlovenianBoy says:

    which key to turn on the lights inside truck??

  5. Phillip says:

    Hey, the mod is excellent but how can I install the light in my truck we have to modified something in the mod?

    regards friend!!

  6. Cris says:

    funktioniert nicht: (

  7. gol d. roger says:

    how can you turn this thing on. seems dont work with man in

  8. Swedish Trucker says:

    hello how install the light and turn it on??

  9. nexus says:

    so guys.. if there are some people they don’t read manuals of games.. I will tell u something : If u have V 1.3 u have to edit u’re profil first –> klick on profil –> edit –> klick on mod’s… now the mods where working.. next one.. if u wanna have tandem truck.. –> pick the semitrailer –> now save game and quit game –> restart and wheels will be on the right move… next –> lights will be edit by press –> esc –> truck settings –> lights –> now u can choose between hood or front or both.. hope It helps =) ( sry 4 bad english)

    greez nex

  10. Sefa says:

    Hi guys, I put this mod on ETS 2 but it doesn’t work.. I did what nexus said but it doesn’t work again, what can I do for it works??

  11. AA says:

    Dear joggi
    I think there is a missing file, the following file existing:
    model_desc: “/model/flare/vehicle_interior.pmd”

  12. AA says:

    I mean NOT existing


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