VW Constellation 19-320 v3.0


Tested on
Instead of Man TGX
Authors: Jackson, Filipe Sampaio


7 thoughts on “VW Constellation 19-320 v3.0

  1. Mod-Loller

    replace existing or new truck?
    where to buy ingame?

    1. read the text under the picture

      Instead of Man TGX

  2. Mod-Loller

    FAKE, just for get your money for premium accounts.

    We don’t need the speedyshare #### here.

    1. click ON the filename, it will download, just TRY some things before shouting FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE

      1. Mod-Loller

        OKOK, no premium #### here…
        I appologize

  3. Mod-Loller

    I’ve done a short test:
    don’t find a difference to the VW const V2.0

    All 3D-model files are the same, nothing changed.
    Can’t find changes in def also.
    no new chassis, no new paintjobs, no new engines, no new addonhookups, nothing new…

    They only changed 4 interior texture Files!
    Just a bit less to write a new Versionnumber on it.

    BTW.: It’s not a replacer, the mod add the VW as new truck like the V2.0. Buy it @ MAN

  4. Great truck but interior needs work.

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