Man Tga Euro 5 V2


Tested Version: 1.3.1

3D model: Mr.Green Conversion
Model color correction: Petrik
England Interior correction: ManuBe1998
Paint color corrections: ManuBe1998
Editing: Manos and Petr Independent
Assembly: pez2k
2 to 4 × 4 and 6 × 6 chassis and new gearboxs: Erick Araujo


4 thoughts on “Man Tga Euro 5 V2

  1. r32zabiser

    MAN TGA Euro 5?? why the preview picture is TGX Euro 6??

  2. This model is Euro 6 and not Euro 5…

    1. can you make mods dual steering for chassis 6x2or 8×4 same direction 1st axle with 2nd axle like ETS plzz I wait

  3. canyou make this modell with more tuning points on the roof

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