MAN-TG(a)&(x) Sound


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S.C.S Datei mod from me fixed for

1 Sound Fix Interior&Exterior
2 Retarder-Interior&Exterior- Fixed New Sound)
3 Blinker Lauter 0.04- Dehzibel
4 Gearbox Sound (Interior&Exterior) New Sound
5 Horn Sound New (Interior&Exterior

MAN-TGX Euro6 Sound D20 und D26 Sound Mix

Daniel.F Professionell-MAN-Service



10 thoughts on “MAN-TG(a)&(x) Sound

  1. Teebeutelsauger

    Why do you Link a Video of a real MAN sound? A Video from ingame sound would be better and would animate the people to actually download your mod.

  2. Professionell-MAN-Service

    I have not licenz of bandicam


    1. You can record with Fraps, Shadowplay, or Raptr if you have an AMD graphics card, Could you not have done one of these ? Recording a video simply with sound is the easiest things one can do.

  3. Works with any engine, any Man truck?

    1. Professionell-MAN-Service


  4. Is it actually any good?

    1. Professionell-MAN-Service

      Oh yes 🙂

  5. this is a file.exe

  6. MAN 480 TGX Euro6 Driver

    you posted a video of a TGA 440 start up and rev of the engine. in what way shape or form has it got to do with ets2? you have not shown what we are downloading.

  7. The mod isn’t working for me in fact I don’t think the game reads it even though I activated it in the mod manager

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