MAN TGS 18.440 tandem v2.4


YouTube preview

Testers ( thank you ) :
Alex Buda
Alex Safonov
Giorgi Baramidze
Vladimir Rossol
Vladimir Kurochkin
Dmitry Romkin

What’s new:
4 new cabins ( + Interior )
Tractor chassis as an option
The white color of the body ( not the ” magnet ” )
The interiors of the steering wheel on the configuration TGX
Bugs fixed
All textures baked
New jobs for tandem PhysiX
Definition Trailers

Author skins : Alexander Grigoriev .
Fixed animation hitch .
Compatible with Rusmap.
version 1.19.x

Authors: jon-ruda, mladshev73, Versetti, Panther, Dalnoboishik, goba6372, DANZ, SCS, Alexander Grigoriev.


8 thoughts on “MAN TGS 18.440 tandem v2.4

  1. Is it working on 1.18

  2. GreenDayPunkRock1997

    This mod is F*cking Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. i dont see trailer

  4. BlackMANDriver

    If this were a 700+hp truck it could make easily a wheelie 😛

  5. где прицеп?!

  6. Hello / Priwet!

    Is this package available for 1.21?



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