MAN TGS Euro 5 update by soap98 v1.6

The MAN TGS is characterised by its excellent performance in national and close-to-the-border long-haul transport, as well as in heavy-duty short-haul and building site traffic.

-3 different cabins
-28 different chassis
-7 engine + sounds
-2 interiors (eu&uk)
-Differential lock animation
-Cruise control indicator
-Ambient red light
-New fueltanks
-New front plates

-remove obsolete errors
-updated headlight definitions
-added 2 gps
-update for 1.46

Update: soap98, MADster, CobraBlue6


7 thoughts on “MAN TGS Euro 5 update by soap98 v1.6

  1. Will we ever see this for the TGX Euro 5?

  2. tutomu kimura

    stop, it is stolen mods.

    1. No, stop to write Blames if you don’t know, how it is done.
      Madster are given Authorization to some Peoples to continue
      his Mods (Look at the Credits).

  3. An ETS2 Player in China

  4. I hate paid mods

    so what if it’s a stolen mod.. paid mods are against the law anyway.. they make money out if copyrighted things and brand names without authorization from the brand names owners..

    1. You are absolutely right…they do know that is wrong and they do sell anyway but they think it is ok

      1. because they think it is ok*

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