MAN TGS v1.0


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What do you get?
-A great looking MAN TGS
-Three tipes of cab M / L / LX
-Four chassis type 4×2 / 6×2 (midlift) / 6×2(taglift) / 6×4
-Two types of bumper Road / Heavy
-Plastic bumpers available for both setups
-Cab Accesorries DLC compatible
-And some special addons

MADster & SCS Software & CobraBlue6


21 thoughts on “MAN TGS v1.0

  1. Please a template madster

  2. MAN TGS v1.0 drive test:

  3. Awesome. TGX/E6,TGA,TGS. We expect to make the TGL model of this incredible company! But you don’t say nothing about this truck. A nice surprise!!! Your mods makes happy around the world!!! Cheers and Pleasa make the TGL model! Who knows. i will donate 150 RON to sponsorisation! Nice day!!!

    1. Daca chiar ai de gand sa faci asta, iti multumesc foarte mult 🙂
      Posibil sa apara si un TGL dar nu stiu cand…

      1. Sorry if you don’t see any money into your account, i don’t have time because i’m far, (I live on contryside). Sorry! Dude i don’t know when i can donate. , What is your name to look on Facebook, to be friends. Do you have PayPal account?But if i cannot, i look in Facebook. Thanks for reading!!! But i have a little question,

  4. Greetings! Each you cast on this mode, expect you to do and MAN TGL tandem because it is a good truck, this is laudable and just keep both. You are the best!

  5. Euro 6 TGX Driver

    please check the 6×2-4 chassises, as the axle weights are not right right. constant wheelspin with any trailer weight when the midlift axle is lowered, problem persists with the TGA and Euro 6 TGX, i havent tested your new TGS yet but please consider taking a look. awesome job as always though, your a legend at MAN mods

  6. 1 template for 3 cabs ?

  7. Awesome truck.
    Please, correct the wipers. They not cleaning and not make total course.

  8. I have version 1.23, and mod my block when I want to put him parts

  9. work on 1.22. x

  10. make more skin for TGS

  11. Fix the wipers please! 🙂

  12. MakinDamage

    Please make the mod to can put the ADR lamps and too additional climate control like on this photo

  13. Hello , please add template for skins and curtains from dlc cabin … . Great truck iam will want create skin from real life . Verry and verry nice mod . 🙂

  14. do not go when rain drops after windshield

  15. Madster, man 750 will be come?

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