MAN TGX BP Old Tandem


MAN TGX BP Old Tandem

Flemming V, Robert (Bobbo662)


8 thoughts on “MAN TGX BP Old Tandem

  1. Video for the Older BP logo
    Video for the Newer BP logo

  2. Robert thanks again for your efforts. You know its too bad there is no delivery for multiple stop on one load. Because then someone could have just BP fuel stations and you would just go around and deliver to multiple fuel stations of various amounts till you were empty then go back and refill. Keep them coming cause I got plenty of storage. great looks as always.

    1. Thanks James – yeah, it’s a shame, and that you can’t have multiple Tandems in the game too.

      1. There is also another way to make the tandem mods thrive. Milsyb used to include a mod with the trailers which change the loading dock to the name of the trailer that was in the mod for the trailer. It only change that item and no other. there were also multiple item as individual units so you could change them in any amount you wanted.
        Here is a thought ( which may slam you with requests) how about including a mod to change all the large and small gas station to the name of the tanker company or the name of the loading dock where you pick up the trailers at. This item has been uses lots of times in this game.
        I’m not into moding or design but the problem is that depending on the revises of SCS designs alot of these item become blocked from use because of the upgrade.
        I don’t use social media for replys or ideas but would like to see this as an upcoming mod idea.
        I looked for someone like you to make tandems from the beginning of this game and you are a welcome site for me and hope to see your endevors widen. But watch out for the workload to increase as there is a large audience of greedy truckers out there. also remember ATS in the future uses the same engine as this one for their game.

        1. EJTruckingINC

          I like your mind James…great thinking and sounds like an Awesome Idea!!!

        2. Does sound like an awesome idea. I kinda took a small break just recently, Cities Skylines came out ( I love city building games ) but there’s no road tunnels that came with the game (yet) CS is working on it for their next patch (hopefully be out on the next patch but they are working on it) so now, gonna get back into skinning again. I do want to further into modding, if I can push myself (haha) further. I love doing tandems – I have a few more gas companies in mind, and I think I’ll start making the Chrome tankers for diary companies.

          1. Mooove on. Down da road said the farmer

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