MAN TGX D2868 680 V8 Sound


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-This is a MAN TGX D2868 680 V8 Sound, It Works for the SCS MAN TGX and the MAN TGX Euro6 by MADster.
-This Sound Mod id Originally and Purely Made from D2868 680 V8 Engine, I Hope U Like It, and I Prefer u use it With V8 Engines. L6 Stock Sound For the TGX and TGA Will be Coming Soon. Stay Tuned.

Yafet Rasta.Jr


7 thoughts on “MAN TGX D2868 680 V8 Sound

  1. thx m8

  2. I drive a v8 680 TGX for work, your sound is good real good in fact, although it’s only the start up that is real. I wish you added real indicator sound for example as SCS are too busy making volvo trucks sound worse and can’t be bothered to improve the TGX sound. thanks for sharing though, I’d be happy to download when I get home on Christmas Eve. happy hauling 🙂 and merry Christmas to you

    1. R.J Productions

      Thanks very much darren, I will work to improve the sound as much as close to the real sound as possible and thanks mate, and a Vety Happy Christmas to U Mate

    2. are you having a laugh? i try to lift my axle and the game crashes?? why have you done a sound mod that could have been great but isnt compatible with lift axles?

      1. R.J Productions

        Thanks for notifiying mate I will be sure to fix it as soon as possible

    3. yeah.. only those newer trucks like e6, volvos and mercs they have been improved/upgraded the sounds.. people are trying hard to make sound mod only to improve better than SCS creation..

  3. hi bro…would you like me to edit your mod, adding some airgear and airbraking sounds? just suggestion..

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