Man TGX euro 6 sound mod v1.0


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Hi! This is my TGX e6 sound mod. I hope you like it.

Kriechbaum-retarder sound Slash-brakes sound Paulnice-turbo sound SCS-all the other sounds and me Alberto Rios (CosmicLizarddd)-putting all together.


7 thoughts on “Man TGX euro 6 sound mod v1.0

  1. LionBuster

    nice sound… and… what graphics mod you used?

    1. CosmicLizarddd

      No graphics mod used.

  2. Chaos Trucker

    much better like the originale Sound!

  3. Yafet Rasta.Jr

    It would be better if it was made for the Mercedes Actros MPIV 1851 510HP Bluetec E5 Engine All in all i have edited it and made it for MB Actros trucks adding a real gear change sounds and air brake sounds also added Real Hadley Horn but base is the same I will be releasing the Video Review of the Sound mod until then u can see my Youtube Channel for Real Sounds Recorded From Actual Real life trucks made by Me

  4. Dawid Zimny

    eska2015 Eukaliptus

  5. Good sound, but I don’t think its very suitable for MAN. This sound would be great for Mercedes

  6. Female Trucker

    This is the best Truck sound I have ever heard so far, very impressive, just one thing it needs and that is: The Air Brake sound for the Brakes and Parking Brake, other than that, this mod for me is perfect and I will continue to use it, please update it to make it work with every update and the SCS Man’s.
    Thankyou. 🙂

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