Man TGX euro 6 sound mod v1.0


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Hi! This is my TGX e6 sound mod. I hope you like it.

Kriechbaum-retarder sound Slash-brakes sound Paulnice-turbo sound SCS-all the other sounds and me Alberto Rios (CosmicLizarddd)-putting all together.


7 Responses to Man TGX euro 6 sound mod v1.0

  1. LionBuster says:

    nice sound… and… what graphics mod you used?

  2. Chaos Trucker says:

    much better like the originale Sound!

  3. Yafet Rasta.Jr says:

    It would be better if it was made for the Mercedes Actros MPIV 1851 510HP Bluetec E5 Engine All in all i have edited it and made it for MB Actros trucks adding a real gear change sounds and air brake sounds also added Real Hadley Horn but base is the same I will be releasing the Video Review of the Sound mod until then u can see my Youtube Channel for Real Sounds Recorded From Actual Real life trucks made by Me

  4. Dawid Zimny says:

    eska2015 Eukaliptus

  5. dar4eto says:

    Good sound, but I don’t think its very suitable for MAN. This sound would be great for Mercedes

  6. Female Trucker says:

    This is the best Truck sound I have ever heard so far, very impressive, just one thing it needs and that is: The Air Brake sound for the Brakes and Parking Brake, other than that, this mod for me is perfect and I will continue to use it, please update it to make it work with every update and the SCS Man’s.
    Thankyou. đŸ™‚

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