MAN TGX Euro 6 v 1.1 By madster Fixed

MAN TGX Euro 6

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This mod fixes all the crashing issues with quick jobs and editing the truck engine.

All credit goes to Madster for the original mod

Authors: Madster, SCS software, MrTheFlashBack


18 thoughts on “MAN TGX Euro 6 v 1.1 By madster Fixed

  1. Does it work on 1.19 public beta ???

    1. Yes it should work with the 1.19 beta without problems

  2. Mirror error from inside and please change the awful headlights.

    1. I can’t see any mirror errors at all? Also I’m not the original author of this mod so I won’t change the way it looks without running right into trouble..

      1. Bottom part of the mirrors is missing from inside.

  3. v1.1 has a new interior, this is just first version 🙂

    1. Alexandre

      Are you sure ? so it means that this one is a old version and not the 1.1 right ?

      1. Well I know that this is the 1.1 version I just fixed it so it don’t cause my game to crash. I gotta look into the interior part of and see if there actually is another interior that supposedly then is error free.

        1. Alexandre

          Ok thanks al ot anywy for your job 😉

  4. easypeazylemonsquizzy

    Best Sound!

  5. Gary Senker

    Are you saying the latest version released by Madster crashes the game? He updates it regularly why would he release it with such major bugs.

    1. Well he did indeed release a mod that crashed my game even if i had no other mod activated or a fresh save game. So I fixed it, why else would have I posted this?

  6. Make interior wimpels and accesories(lots of them). Good mod!

    1. That’s up for madster to do. I only fixed minor .sii def file errors, I can’t do full 3d mods at all.

  7. Nice mod but does it exist a mod that change that old mobile phone to something else or maybe newest mobile phone?

  8. very good!!!!!


  9. Sir,excuse me. . .can i get your email? i want to talk to you about this truck templates. . .Thanks a lot before. . .I really love this truck and this mod. . .

  10. Thanks for this wonderful Mod.
    But I have also a “Mirrorproblem” on the Spoiler.
    In the last Version it was OK.
    Here a Image:

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