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-Truck is tandalone
-Available at quickjobs
-Separate spoilers from the cab
-Realistic model

MADster & SCSSoftware & Giants Software


16 Responses to MAN TGX Euro6

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Video on v1.18.1s

    • zoso says:

      Ciao Mr.GermanTruck, where can I find Hella luminator led those in video ?

      • Mr.GermanTruck says:

        Look at YouTube under the video (description)

        • zoso says:

          Thanks Mr GermanTruck I watched the video but I had not read the description. Ciao

  2. Dominik Pásztor says:

    Hi, this mod work with v.1.16??

  3. errtyy says:

    It does not work with ets2

  4. jan says:

    where is the euro 6 logo on the side of the truck

    great mod by the way

  5. dddfdfsfw says:

    Help make sound like a real MAN trucks.

  6. Pascal says:

    make sure you can please even a template

    können sie bitte noch ein template machen dafür

  7. mxikuh says:

    is the best man euro6 ever 😀

  8. Daris says:

    very good

  9. Darren says:

    im sure i saw an update version on here yesterday. i was going to download it today but cant see in the site anymore. MADster whats happened? lol. i respect that someone has finaly made the euro 6 TGX drivable and standalone. your a legend! but i am possitive that i seen an update

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