MAN TGX Longline v 1.2

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MAN TGX Longline is a Fictional Concept of MAN TGX.

What’s New? (Changelog)
• Standardized MAN TGX accessories and attributes.
• New Chassis available: 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×2/4 Midlift and 6×2 Taglift.
• 7 Engines from D2066’s 235 to D2868’s 500.
• 12 speed with and without retarder
• Fixed Manifest data (Metadata) and Description.
• Cabin Toys with Physics is now Available for this truck if you have Cabin Accessories DLC
• Fixed Texture/Shading and Material hood/Bonnet from the inside Cabin/Interior
• Europe and UK Interior fixed.
• Optimized Materials and Texture
• Optimum Price.

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Authors: John Necir Rebellion, Blender w/ 50Keda’s plugin, SCS Software, RJL

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12 thoughts on “MAN TGX Longline v 1.2

  1. The ideea is good but it needs to be pollished a bit 🙂

    1. JohnNecirRebellion

      That’s right MADster, I will fix that if I have more time and release it in the near update.

  2. Maximka.L


    1. JohnNecirRebellion

      Thank you for sharing your Video hudz64, Happy Hollidays and keeps sharing. Спасибо и Happy Holidays

  3. 44th MAC Bagger

    RIGHT 🙂 he work on it 🙂 wrote something at the last posting of these truck. I am proud to see u work continusly on it :-).
    Well well i Download it again 🙂

    1. JohnNecirRebellion

      Thank you 44th MAC Bagger. I always think that this is like a business to take or hold on to but as you as my customers you are my obligations so I do well to this business to keep running, Happy Hollidays! Please do not forget to Share this Mod as well as the Video and Pictures/Screenshot.

  4. very well made truck but as MADmaster says, it needs polishing and as you told us that you are going to do so, I see you as a good modder who takes critics very well. Good one for you. Btw that isn´t a longline,, its a torped 😉 also happy holidays 😀

    1. JohnNecirRebellion

      Thank you Adamisch for your suggestion to change this Truck Name to “MAN TGX Torped” or “MAN TGX T”, Happy Hollidays too.

  5. Is this truck even real

    1. JohnNecirRebellion

      Yes , kinda.

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