MAN TGX Torpedo v1.33


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If you notice this update I rename the “MAN TGX Longline” to “MAN TGX Torpedo” as Requested/Corrected by Adamisch.

What’s New? (Changelog)
• MAN Euro 6 Cabins are now available
• New Accessories/Attachments.
• Access for Bumper, Front Grill and Logo with Original and Painted once.
• Fixed Stairs.
• Cabin and Bumper Physics Applied.
• Fixed Description, Truck Name, and Accessory Names.
• Standardized Accessories for MAN Euro 6 Cabins.
• Updated Temporary UV/Template for MAN Euro 6.
• Fixed Side skirts and Exhaust pipes for 4×2 Chassis.
• Optimized Materials and Texture
• Optimum Price.

This Mod will be updated soon…

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John Necir Rebellion, Blender w/ 50Keda’s plugin, SCS Software, RJL, MADster

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14 thoughts on “MAN TGX Torpedo v1.33

  1. Looks very, very ugly. please delete this kddish mod.

    1. JohnNecirRebellion

      I’m sorry Falco but you are less than 1% who do not like this Truck, but Many People like this Truck.

  2. JohnNecirRebellion

    Please do not Comment if you would not download or you do not like it.

  3. 44th MAC Bagger

    Download him Again and see…it was going on 🙂 nice Continusly work :-).I wish that the Front was bit nearer to classic MAN nose trucks….but no one can have all he wish :-).
    Lets Try and see what is comming wit next Update :-).
    THX man nice to drive and use.

    1. JohnNecirRebellion

      Thank you too 44th MAC Bagger, Happy Holidays, Stay safe and Happy New Year…

  4. Sooo hard to ask…..

    1. JohnNecirRebellion

      What do you mean?

  5. Hallo, der sieht ja richtig top aus (Y) (Y) (Y)

  6. Someone can give me the template ?

  7. it+looks+great.

  8. This is a very nice truck to add to anyone’s collection and it works great. This works in ETS2 v1.28 but I do have one issue, can’t find the steering wheel – is there an option to add it.

  9. Doesn’t show up in the MAN dealership, what am I missing?

  10. Please can you update to 1.35 i like this truck,but now it doesnt work anymore!

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