MAN TGX Sound Mod


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Sound Mod for MAN TGX Truck

Author: kriechbaum


23 Responses to MAN TGX Sound Mod

  1. aditya_oxygen says:

    thanks kriechbaum

  2. G.Flater says:

    -Can you make it for Volvo?
    its a nice sound.

  3. Nejc says:

    good mod m8! can you teel me witch interior mod are u using?

  4. Nesuten says:

    Hey Kierchbaum
    Thanks a lot i dont toght u are so fast to creat a sound mod for the MAN TGX
    Thumbs Up !!!

  5. Moyeszka Sravenu-Dertyhvo says:

    Since when is kriechbaum polish or whatever? .. ‘nother faker, ‘nother no-download.

  6. 556 says:

    Please make a sound
    man V6

  7. zordin says:

    Nice Work man.

  8. volidas says:

    Sounds realy nice friend.!

  9. simaozinho says:

    nice sound

  10. Baymax_1646 says:

    Nice Sound mod bro….Great job πŸ˜€

  11. RiXeN says:

    Nice sound mod, but since when was Kriechbaum polish? πŸ˜›

  12. tyrannix2342 says:

    Too many American sound. Kriechbaum makes a very good sound for American trucks.European sound completely different too much in his modes of Americanization

  13. TimoBE says:

    Not a bad sound bud readicilous for a European truck.

  14. Sweeth says:

    Does not work in 1.18 πŸ™ please fix it! πŸ™‚

  15. JoniLP_zockt says:

    NICE!!! THANKS!!!!!!! LIIKE!

  16. trucker rob says:

    please fix this mod for the latest game version 1.22

  17. Max says:

    Perfect work in ETS2 1.17
    Compatible with TSM Map 6.0

  18. Eason says:

    Sounds like Scania V8 πŸ™

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