Man TGX Sound Mod


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6 thoughts on “Man TGX Sound Mod

  1. Walter Plinge

    Thank you…

    I like it – A Lot.

    Sounds much better than the unrealistic default sound.

    Very well done indeed.

  2. EJTruckingINC

    Nice!!! 🙂

  3. LazMohawk

    Thanks so much. Like the MAN but not the sound and your sounds so great ! Riding the MAN soon again.

  4. can you give link of the truck please?

  5. Спасибо автору – Звук действительно хороший!Вы могли бы сделать для “Mercedes Actros”,а то за него совсем забыли.

  6. LazMohawk

    Has deleted it again.
    When you see the truck by fly by or looking out of the window, there’s a delay on the sound. Innorring. Plz fix that and other wise a good sound mod 😉

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