MAN TGX Stock Sound

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Hi, Everyone today I present to you my MAN TGX Stock Sound. This sound is the original MAN sound recorded by SCS which was used in the games German And UK Truck simulator. This mod attempts to port the sound into ETS2 to be used with the MAN TGX.

Test 1.30



7 Responses to MAN TGX Stock Sound

  1. Mike says:

    It sounds like a vacuum cleaner ? Sorry to say !!

  2. TRUCKER says:

    Sorry but it’s a CRAP!

  3. HN says:

    It is one of the worst sounds that I ever heard.

  4. adi2003de says:

    Maybe you don´t know ..

    25×100 = 2500 .. not 25000 .. 😀

    i only want that you know it ^.^

  5. Master.OfDisaster says:

    Sounds that #### !!

  6. Trucker_Bob says:

    no… Bad!

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