MAN TGX Tuning

MAN-TGX-Tuning-1 MAN-TGX-Tuning-2 MAN-TGX-Tuning-3

Tuning for MAN TGX Truck

Author: Geovane Rocha (Rock Geovane)


7 Responses to MAN TGX Tuning

  1. LEA says:

    pls other downloadlink ! anitvir blocked ! thx

  2. TeddyBear says:

    4shared sucks.

  3. leti7kedil says:

    Alternative Link đŸ™‚


  4. MAKO76 says:

    The Goon!!! On normal exchanger to flood on could!!!

    • Verbatim says:

      What are you talking about MAKO76? Normal exchanger to flood…speak some sort of English please.

      Now down to the mod, seems to work ok patch 1.16.3+
      Not done a big test but shows up for me.Thankyou

  5. SudelNuppe says:

    Please add a tuned Tag- and midlift for the next version

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