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This mod adds maneuvering on the map. Detailed instructions on how to get to it in the read me file included with the package. For parcels are included in the tasks they can perform.
Mod tested on 1.8 version

1. Go to: My docs/Euro Truck Simulator 2 and open config.cfg
Find: uset g_developer “0” and uset g_console “0”
Change 0 to 1
2. Go now to game, turn off all other maps select your profile, get trailer.
3. Press tilde (button under esc) and paste this: goto ;36562.6;5.04884;20506.8
Press Enter
4. Now you are under maneuvering area, use NUM keys to move close to ground and press F9
5. Now all is done, Enjoy!

If you want exit from this area, turn off or delate mod.

Author: satan19990


2 Responses to Maneuvering Plac

  1. Well done Satan….

  2. JONESY says:

    Should I try this ?? What you reckon nikola?

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