Manowar skin

Skin is maded for a scania RJL
respect authors work please do not reupload

Alexandar Lone Wolf


7 Responses to Manowar skin

  1. mikehackenbacker says:

    nice work

  2. Daisser001 says:


    Alexandar Lone Wolf

    If what wanted you sometimes important questions, however, you are so difficult to reach.Melde you, nevertheless, please sometimes here or in our World of ETS2 Group

  3. zoso says:

    Big Manowar
    I hope you listen to their songs
    in my discography there are many German metal band

    • alexandar_lone_wolf says:

      yes i listen their songs they are great band

      • zoso says:

        ?I’m glad you listen to heavy metal?
        I’m an old metalheadāš’, and saw many live concerts
        of the most famous bands?

  4. Mike says:

    thanks 4 sharing it, All Hail Alex šŸ™‚

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