Map EAA V.1.8


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• Major changes from the previous version of the mod:

– Fixed some little mistakes of scenery along the map;
– Adding four new cities: Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, Mage and Itaboraí

• Brazilian Cities List in mod:

Rio Grande do Sul
Santa Catarina
Rio de Janeiro

WARNING: PASSWORD FOR unpacking: naoficosemeaa

EAA TEAM, Roberto Restanho, Jhonatan Siebel, Luiz Ferreira, Tonho Nunes and Filipe Sampaio

DOWNLOAD 88 MB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 88 MB [sharemods]


20 Responses to Map EAA V.1.8

  1. Experimental Trucker says:

    Hello. Here are some deliveries that were completed with the map….

    Stuttgart to Canoas 1538km run
    With the help of TSM v5.3.1

    Paranagua to Resende 811km run

    Fodiguacu to Volta Redonda 1395km run

    Santa Cruz to Itajai 656km run

  2. joao batista silva says:

    Oi eu instalei o map eea v 1.8,mas ele para o jogo eu tenho tb o mapa tsm o da russia,sera que um deles ta trancando o do Brasil..

  3. bob says:

    worst video ever

    • AshtheBarron says:

      The language Sounds like either Portages or Spanish.

      • Jean says:

        Wow! Portuguese! I think it’s because this is a brazilian mod!

  4. AshtheBarron says:

    Does this replace v1.7?

  5. geoff1 says:

    is this for 1.8.2 version i loveto have a map of alaska and north canada driving on icey lakes like in a programe called ice road truckers that would be good

  6. vkavlas says:

    yeah its compatible with tsm 5.3+eastern express 5.1+morozov addon

  7. geoff1 says:

    and tsm map 4.6.1

  8. geoff1 says:

    after putting in passward for version 1.8.2 does not work for this version

  9. Anthony says:

    This version does not let me go north from Santos. Trying to take a load to RDJ, I have 1.15 version with latest TSM map.

  10. Jappe81 says:

    This version still have same bugs as did in previous versions. Tollbooths in Brazil not showing the marker where to pay to get through (can be \fixed\ by letting AI driver pass you and follow him thrrough) and also when discovering car dealers game crashes.

  11. ricardo says:

    I have the map with the tsm russia. now put the adn 1.8 and when I go out with the saints the game crashes. how come ???

  12. anton says:

  13. LiTaNia says:

    If you have tollbooth gone issue with other maps, you need load EAA later than TSM/Promods/EE. and needs economy file of original mod, make another scs file for economy and load later than EAA.

    I’m using ProMods+Ro+RusMap+EAA, no ‘tollbooth gone issue’.

    WARNING: if you use truckmods, they need load later than EAA. because EAA scs has truck dealer datas.

    • EJTruckingINC says:

      Total crap litania. If you make a map it should work and it dont…i use fresh with no mods and it still does it! This Map is total crap if you have these type of problems…no fun in this map…don’t download its broken!

  14. Pavel says:

    This mod CRASHing in cities (1.15.1s)
    Working, but crashing in cities(i think near dealers)

  15. gamer says:

    este mod tiene problemas.. cuando intento comprar un camion el juego se cierra.

    this mod crashed when i want to buy a truck in diferrent dealer…. somebody can helpme???

    whatsapp: +50487334673

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