Map Island


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Version 1.18
You need to create a new profile, this map is standalone

Bogdan Evdokimovich


7 thoughts on “Map Island

  1. how can you map make on a 0.2mp as a map. and video doesnt make sence to release on this small scale

  2. bom dia , poderia ser complemento para outros mapas , ficaria muito melhor sem ter que criar novo perfil, deixaria o jogo muito mais interessante, espero que numa proxima atualização o editor deixe compativel e complementar , obrigado .

  3. ###### dodgy driver not worth downloading dont make maps you havent got a clue about map making or driving a truck

    1. Maybe you should try to make a map. It’s pretty hard.

  4. ForAllTheBilly

    Bogdan Evdokimovich, i can create an addon for you map?

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