Map Ndesovania v 1.0 by Jaka

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map themed Indonesian region. this map is recommended in version 1.23 DLC, other than that please try it (there are reports that in version 1.26 & 1.27 also can) but not guarantee. This map is very light because there are only 6 cities.

if you use mod money / xp better do not. because it will result in crashes.

the password file is: nama

Map author: Jaka Setiawan


19 thoughts on “Map Ndesovania v 1.0 by Jaka

  1. Pass please…

    1. password: nama

  2. palkrash zamix

    indonesia map?

  3. palkrash zamix

    well this is what I wait map Indonesia for version 1.27 !!!

  4. Compressed packet decompression password what is it?

  5. 1.23 ? 1.26 ? 1.27 ?… we’re at 1.28 !!!!

  6. blackdragon

    What 1.23 ver map or map for ets2 ver 1.23??? is now availabel ets2 ver 1.28


    Please what is pasword voor winrar?

  8. ETS2-保重


  9. morris12345

    It is not possible to unpack your password.

  10. Hello to ask for PASSWORD? It is not possible to run in ZIP, it is necessary to turn on Def and Map each separately. Thanks for the divorce

  11. whare+is+file+password?

  12. sorry guys, i forgot to write the password in the description. the password is: nama

    1. bisa update lagi bro? bagus bngat nih map, tambah lagi kampung atau pekan kecil.. 5 stars bro keep up the great work

  13. Apa passwordnya? permainan tidak dibuka

  14. Gagah Syuja

    Wedee realese :v

  15. vicente de ferrari

    no puedo jugar el mapa,cada vez que lo pongo se me para el juego

  16. malik ets2

    Min di ets2 v 1.23 kok keluar sendiri ya , pas ane active mod + create + saat loading keluar sendiri kenapa tuh min mohon bantuannya

  17. Gan ane gabiaa di v 1.23 keluar sendiri gmana solusinya

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