Map Of Minsk Moscow Crimea

MAP WORKS WITHOUT the DLC DLC of France must be turned off (the map does not require them)
Real 1to1 real mileage
Real detail and real detail
Real currency us Dollars Russian roubles Belarusian rubles Ukrainian Hryvnia
Home for players with the designation on the map

1 Support V1.28
2 City Of Dzerzhinsk, Fanipol
3 Detailing a real detailing done on the route Borisov-Berezino
4 Houses for players
5 Economy
6 Fixes.
7 Added the logo
8 Improved technical and economic part.

Setting off DLS France.
Unpack the archive
To add to the mod folder, only map files 5 files (then other mods).
To change the game module by

Tested 1.28

Богдан Евдокимович


2 thoughts on “Map Of Minsk Moscow Crimea

  1. Rostyslav Pallay


    Real 1to1 real mileage

    29 MB

    You lie!, ####### #######!

    2017-11-24 21:48:04 by aIdimator

    aldimator made fake rusmap.

    1. This is a real map. She just is very little saturated.

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