Map Puno Peru v 1.4

puno-peru-1 puno-peru-2

Requires. DLC Going East, DLC Scandinavia, DLC Vive la France

New city,

– Puno
– Juliaca
– Taraco
– Huancane
– Perla
– Untuca
– Sina
– Massiapo
– Quiaca
– Limbani
– Camaron
– Yanahuaya

Elvis Madariaga


24 thoughts on “Map Puno Peru v 1.4

  1. Digital X

    Is this standalone? I am using Promods, Project Balkans, Russian Open Spaces, RusMap and Southern Region.

    1. road outlaw

      It’s standalone. Need to create new profile and choose module Puno_peru. mbd

      1. Didn’t work, can’t choose module only europe appear, i have 1.26.7

      2. antonio chulak96


    2. antonio chulak96

      very goog

  2. spartacus33

    The same configuration as Digital X…… so a video pls, a tuto or more informations are welcome…thx

  3. LordPercy

    no sale

  4. LordPercy

    no sale
    se cuelga

  5. kisiera jugar

  6. buena

  7. como verga descargo?

  8. antonio chulak96

    someone knows how to fix the problems of the profiles in the ATS and ETS 2 when I want to create a new profile is locked the game but the music does not

  9. bueno

  10. muy bueno

  11. bonitoo

  12. cual es la contra del mod ? alguien que me diga por favor

  13. Felix Mkenye

    Which version is it for?

  14. Buena

  15. esta buena pero demoro en descargar el mod de mapa :c
    xd pero esta chevere

    1. buena

  16. Como descargo

  17. says

  18. Muy Excelente

  19. César Adán Herrera Luján

    Quiera jugarlo

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