Map Puno Peru v 1.6

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ETS2 1.30.xx
DLC Going East, DLC Scandinavia, DLC Vive la France, DLC Itali

new city:

1. Impari
2. Suluni.

Puno Peru credit model:
Carlos Delgado.

Peru credit model:
Jhon Cristian Charca.

Credits Map:
Elvis Madariaga

Facebook page map:

Elvis Madariaga

Elvis Madariaga


17 thoughts on “Map Puno Peru v 1.6

  1. Is this mod compatible with other map mods like Promods, RusMap, ROS, Great Steppe etc.?

  2. Crash with

    1. Create new profil , modul Puno_Peru.mbd

      1. CRASH

      2. CRASH!

  3. Is it compatible with ETS v1.25?

  4. Driving_SG

    Mountainous, varied roads and wooden, damaging bridges etc., see more here:

  5. not Compatile with other mods

  6. Miritellane



  7. Miritellane

    This Map is really very nice, technical and surprising…
    Work solo with 1.30.
    Thanks to the designer… I wait impatiently for the next version…

  8. Path Finder

    instead of showing driving on the map why dont show where is this map located on the world map

  9. como fazer pra instalar passo a passo o mapa e o onibus, quem ficar primeiro na ordem dos mods, desde já obrigado.

  10. Como fazer pra instalar passo a passo o mapa e ônibus, quem fica primeiro na ordem dos Mods, desde já obrigado.

  11. OK, now works good with New Profile, select map. Standalone. THANKS

    1. Remember: high priority in Mod Manager (first place) otherwise it crashes

  12. this+peru+save+share??

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