Map Puno Peru v 1.8

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Status: Tested
ETS2 version: 1.33.xx
Author: Elvis Madariaga
Credits Mod Puno Peru: Carlos Delgado
Version: 1.8


Forbidden to upload the map to other servers, otherwise version will be private, keep the link, always leave the credits to me.

Cities with Special Transport.

. juliaca – azangaro.
. huancane . vilque.
. sina – untuca.
. phara – limbani.

New city . Jachaja

Requiere: DLC Going East, DLC Scandinavia, DLC Vive la France, DLC Itali, Special Transport

Elvis Madariaga


8 thoughts on “Map Puno Peru v 1.8

  1. Hello !!
    unfortunately no map, only sound folder. There is probably an error happened.

  2. @Savade the mod is encripyted by SCS#, no open file mods, only for use but no view files

    1. Thanks man 🙂

  3. mathias adam

    fake, this map is not in the game

  4. the mod is active at the overview of the mods, but when i am in the game there is no change and the map does not work.
    What do i have to do to make the map work?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Muhammad Faizan

      You’ve to create a new driver profile , enable map mod in that profile, and then you should see the option ” Playing module” in profile setting , go there and change it to Peru map. Save settings and load the profile. You’re ready to go.

  5. oeruizseven

    ¿Por qué no aparece el mod en el gestor de mods?
    alguien me puede ayudar por favor 🙁

  6. oeruizseven

    Why does not the mod appear in the mod manager?
    Can someone help me please?

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