Map Road to the Aral Sea v1.2 ETS2 1.38.x and 1.39.x Beta Fix

Fixed display of cities on the map

Add-on for the Great Steppe map, which connects the path to the Aral Sea coast by two roads.

Simple map of the steppe area southeast of Aktobe
Parts of the Aralkum Desert
5 new cities: Shalkar, Karabutak, Khromtau, Emba / Dzhembi and Aralsk / Aral
In the Aral Sea, you can relax on the former shore of this once gigantic sea.
Sparsely populated post-Soviet landscape
Gas stations
Several small villages
Abandoned villages and factories
Some little things

Connect in the manager above the Great Steppe map.

Correction of displaying cities on the map: Vladimir Ivanenko


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4 thoughts on “Map Road to the Aral Sea v1.2 ETS2 1.38.x and 1.39.x Beta Fix

  1. Расположение файлов в менеджере:
    File location in the manager:

  2. FunTrucker_18

    Doesn’t work. Don’t download!

  3. The map is incorrect, roads are broken in many places.

  4. FunTrucker_18

    Guys, as I already told in various forums: This map is not official. Though I really respect his attempt to fix it, the work is incomplete. Things got even worse. And he never asked me for permission. He is not affiliated with me. He didn’t mean bad by trying to fix things.
    No, I’m not gonna take law actions against him. Many of you know me and you all know that I’m not a d*ck.

    If someone is really interested in reworking my map, a message like: “Hey I’m gonna rework your map!” is just enough.
    Just notify me, so I can give you help with your work. And please, let me test it before we can think about a realase.

    I’m on RoEx forums (Arayas, BenganJ, Wombat etc etc are my partners in crime),
    SCS and Promods forum. Just gimme a word if you’re interested.


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