Map SuJaLi (Sumatra Jawa Bali) – ETS2 1.41

Map SuJaLi is a combination of 3 maps consisting of the islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali. This map is only available on ETS2 version 1.41 for multiplayer, and single player. It doesn’t support versions 1.40 and below, so those who have old versions of the game are updated first so they can try this combination of 3 maps.

These 3 maps were created by Safarul Ilham (Map Sumatra), Dwi Priyanto (Map Jowo), Wahyu Andreansyah Map Bali) and Teguh Giyono who combined the three and made support for multiplayer.

-There is a bus terminal that can take passengers
-There is already Indonesian bus traffic
-Can play with friends
-There are ships to cross between islands
-The map is wide

To play multiplayer, put 4 scs files into the ETS2 game installation folder.
To play single player put 4 scs files into the Documents – ETS2 – mod . folder

Safarul Ilham, Dwi Priyanto, Wahyu Andreansyah, Teguh Giyono


11 thoughts on “Map SuJaLi (Sumatra Jawa Bali) – ETS2 1.41

  1. Metaltom68

    This is 1 File and not 4 Files dont Work at 1.41 Error !

    1. Download Both Files
      Part 1 and Part 2

      1. both share mods downloaded, after extraction just two files showing in mod folder and both blank pages.

    2. And Watch Video For Map Load Order
      Also Use My Save profile if map not working, link in video description

  2. Marius Stefan

    Salut a nici mie nu imi merge imi trebuie cv dlc ? de harta iberia

  3. Same here

  4. i love your mod great job

  5. reuploader

  6. Diese was auch immer das sein soll, ist mir eh scheiß egal.
    Da diese gelockt sind und wir nun ja alle wissen das viele Viren hier hochgeladen werden kann mir der Dreck scheiß egal sein. zu mal die map eh total kaputt ist schaut euch mal die Log und die Console an

  7. Shenal Perera

    hey does this mod need any dlcs

  8. I cant finish first mission. What will I do?

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