Map: Two Islands

Changes 1.4:
Improved detail
Adapted for ETS 2 V1.27
Installation: place files in mod folder when you create profile to change the game module

Tested on version 1.27

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8 thoughts on “Map: Two Islands

  1. Bogdan_Evdokimovich

    Если карту распространили то хотя бы вступайте в официальную группу карты.

  2. what is the file order?

    1. GamerLionfish


  3. Вроде как был Богдан Евдокимович))

  4. AshtheBarron

    Is this a standalone map?

  5. AshtheBarron

    Map does not work = game crashes to desktop!

  6. AshtheBarron

    What game module do you use?

  7. This map does not work in v 1.27, game crashes. And I change the module to ostrov.

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